English Speech

Nunca trabajes tan tarde en cosas que tienes que dejar listas para el otro día. Más aún si es mañana en la mañana.

En fin. Para Inglés Electivo nos pidieron hacer un pequeña presentación (known as speech), y no quedó otra más que hacerla

When Internet was born, its main goal was to make distances shorter, and helping people to communicate easier than before. As today, more than 1 billion of people uses Internet, and the number doesn’t seem to stop growing.

However, creating a Webpage was hard. Write the code (in a standard form called HyperText Markup Language, HTML), search for a space to publish it, update it frequently, etc. All these steps had to be done by hand, and there were

almost no programs to help writing HTML (a text processor for the Web). However, in October 1998, Open Diary was created. Open Diary allows everyone who wants to create a small space on internet. The site gives you an small administration panel, where you can write what you want to publish on the Internet. If you know some HTML, you may edit some parts of your space. Some other sites, such as LiveJournal and Blogger.com, was created within 1999. This is how blogging was started.

But why the term “blogging”? And why the personal pages when someone tells about his/her life were suddenly called “blog”? The term blog comes from “weblog”, coined in December 1997, and its meaning is to create a log for the Web (the Internet). Someone took the word and make the phrase “we blog”, and that’s how the “blog” term was born.

In 2002, the blogs started to be known on all the Internet. They were very used for soldiers on Iraq war, politicians on their campaigns, and the most were created by people who wanted to share opinions or information about a topic.

Today, there are around 300 millions of blogs and counting. Also, some people took the “blog” idea and created new concepts. The most known for Chilean people is photolog (something I’ll explain later), but there are other ideas, such as moblog (a blog updated using a mobile phone), videoblog (when you use video for your posts), or podcasting (audio files published on Internet, created to save it on music players and listen while you’re on the road). It’s very easy to create a blog, and almost every second there is a new weblog.

A photolog is a website where someone publishes a photo, usually with some text. The most known service in Chile is Fotolog, created in May 2002. Recently statistics said that there are more chilean fotologs than american ones. They were a important ‘underground’ media for the “Penguin’s Revolution”, where almost every school on strike had its own fotolog to inform about the activities and to spread the seed about main ideas of the strike.

That’s all 🙂


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One Response to English Speech

  1. Lyra says:

    Paso a dejar zapes (no contesto en inglés, porque la redacción no se me da bien u.u)
    Se me hizo interesante el tema, pero creo que para algunos lo díficil no es tanto la programación de las páginas web T.T, sino el diseño T.T. Al menos para mi eso es lo que más me dificulta las cosas luego.
    Alguna vez quise usar el recurso del celular para actualizar el blog, pero “mori” en el intento.
    Mando zapes.
    P.D. ¿Como te fue en la presentación de japones?

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